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Our Church History


On April 20, 1980, after seeking the will of the Lord for his life, Elder Ronald D. Taylor was led of God to establish The Way of Life Church of Christ, Inc.  He had been nurtured and established on the foundation of Jesus Christ for many years under the spiritual guidance of his Father in the Gospel, Bishop Joseph Weathers.  He had worked in every capacity that Bishop Weathers had assigned him and he was being led to make a change.

The first service The Way of Life held was in the basement of Elder Taylor’s brother’s home at 8104 Dogwood Lane in Forestville, MD.  We had 11 souls present at that service.  God truly blessed us there and confirmed the ministry through filling a soul with the Holy Ghost not many days later.  A year and a half later, the Church moved to 3014 St. Clair Drive in Marlow Heights, MD. The Church then took its ministry beyond its walls to the airwaves.  On February 8, 1996, we had our first broadcast on WUST (1120 AM).  Later, we were on WBZE (1030 AM).  On March 21, 1993, the Church Family moved to 6611 Old Alexander Ferry Road in Clinton, MD.  The Lord blessed and the ministry grew.  The Lord blessed us to purchase our own building and on January 30, 2002, we were able to move into our present home at 3608 Tilden Street in Brentwood, MD.

October 1991, Pastor Taylor became a part of The Evangelistic Churches of Christ of the Apostolic Faith under the leadership of Apostle Lymus Johnson. It was during this time that our Pastor would be elevated from an Elder to a Bishop and later to The Board of Apostles of The Evangelistic Churches.  The Way of Life Family got to see God perform some mighty miraculous things, travel to many beautiful places, and fellowship with some beautiful people of God during our stay in Evangelistic. Apostle Taylor would make a decision to move on and we would leave Evangelistic in April 2002.

Apostle Taylor realized his work was coming to an end and wanted to make sure The Way of Life Family had a Shepherd, and therefore on January 6, 2006, he made Elder Erik Taylor the Assistant and Interim Pastor. The Lord took our founder, Apostle Ronald D. Taylor, home on October 4, 2007.  He laid a sure foundation upon the rock, Jesus Christ.  He was an example to the man that would take the mantle and carry on the work of the Lord in this part of the vineyard, Elder Erik T. Taylor.


After the home going service for Apostle Taylor, the Lord allowed Elder Taylor to be installed as the Pastor of The Way of Life on December 1, 2007. On February 25, 2009, a door was opened for The Way of Life Family to join the WYCB (1340 AM) radio family.  On April 11, 2009, Elder Erik Taylor was elevated by the grace of God to a Bishop.


The Lord has sustained The Way of Life Church for 43 years. We can’t tell all that God has done for us, but we are truly grateful for the favor of God upon this great Ministry.  We are thankful that God is continuing to build up our Church family according to His will and His way in Jesus name.  


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