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Anniversary Committee - Est. September 1989

 The Anniversary Committee is vital to maintaining the integrity of the remembrance and celebration of the church from inception

to date.  We ensure that our church familyenjoy looking back and thanking God for continuance.  We make sure all are fully aware of what the Lord has done down through the years.


Deacon Board - Est. February 1983

The Deacons are essential to the body of Christ and was established by the Apostles in the Word of God.  They ensure that the men of God are released to concentrate on the furtherance of the gospel through prayer and fasting.  The Deacons tend to all of the needs of the church and support the Pastor in his endeavors in the Lord.


Hospitality Committee - Est. May 1986

The role of the Hospitality to the body of Christ is to ensure that the members and guests feel the love of a home.  We accomplish this through providing a service by meeting the needs of the people and encouraging the people through gifts of love. 


Mother's Board - Est. August 1993

The role of the Mother’s Board is to, as the scripture has stated, teach the young women how to conduct themselves, be good wives, and be Holy women of God.  Some of the other ways in which the Mothers assist the body of Christ are by preparing female candidates for baptism, maintaining the baptismal clothing and preparing Communion. Other roles of great importance for the Mothers are to pray for the saints and work with souls seeking the Holy Ghost.


Ministerial Staff



Music Department - Est. May 1982

From its very creation, music has always played an intrinsic part to the human family. It is no different for The Way of Life family. From the creation of The Way of Life, music has always added its part to the complete worship experience. Whether it was singing hymns from the hymnal or the choir singing the newest gospel songs, it can be easily stated that it plays a vital role. The goal of the Music Department is to be God led, for the songs to encourage God’s people, and to enhance the service.


Outreach Committee - Est. January 1992

We are compelled by God through the Holy Ghost to reach out to others. It is more than just visitation to hospitals and homes, but helping those in need. Offering a ride and blessing someone financially is all part of the spirit of The Way of Life family. We also reach out to those who visit the church. Our desire is to make them feel welcomed so that they would be encouraged to return. Moving forward, we intend to spread God’s love to others with open arms.


Pastor's Aide - Est. January 2001

Pastor's Aide supports the Pastor by extending love through acts of service and appreciation, financial support, and provision of items as needs arise that are conducive to his well-being and furtherance of his service unto the Lord.


Sunday School Department - Est. April 1980

It is said that “Preaching yells it, Teaching tells it.”  What a true statement. From the genesis of The Way of Life, Sunday school has been that tool utilized to build a strong foundation. In a practical way, from a child being taught about David and Goliath to the adults learning about God’s divine grace, Sunday School is and will be a pivotal part of the total worship experience.  


Usher Board - Est. September 1983

The Usher is the first person that people see when they enter into the House of God.  Therefore, we meet and greet the people with a loving spirit so they will want to come in and worship with us.  While maintaining the order, the Usher provides whatever is needed for the service.


Youth For Christ - Est. April 1989

The Way of Life Youth for Christ Department is committed to building the next generation of the body of Christ by bringing the message of salvation from sin, the keeping power of the Holy Ghost, and the blessings of holy living to young people in our church and everywhere.  We focus on giving the youth a safe and holy environment where they can enjoy fellowship with each other in the name of the Lord, and focus on supporting parents and guardians in their efforts to train up their children in the way they should go.  God is calling the young because they are closest to him and they are strong, and they can carry on the work of reaching the whole world with the Gospel for years to come.  We want to stir up the gifts that are within them, so they can fulfill God’s purpose.


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